Wednesday, May 3, 2017

End of Year Meeting

I can't believe we're concluding another year of MOPS! Please join us for our last meeting. We'll have food catered in from Panera, a fun craft, and time to hang out and share summer plans. (Play dates and mom's nights out, please!)

If you plan to attend, please check out the Panera menu at!/menu/category/ and contact Jodi B. with your order request. Her contact info will be on our Facebook page, found here.

I can't say it much better than Jodi B: "What I love most about our group is that we have such an amazing and diverse group of ladies, yet we are a small enough group that we all stick together and have each other's back. Being on the steering committee is so much fun and a great way to serve the group. If you haven't served before, this is a great way to jump into something new and fun." For those who plan to join next year, these open positions will need to be filled. Please prayerfully consider filling one:

Speakers - in charge of finding and scheduling speakers for meetings
Crafts - finding and coordinating craft supplies and teaching the group how to do the craft
Social Media - maintaining the Facebook page and blog
Childcare Coordinator - find childcare workers for meetings, set up curriculum if needed, set up crafts for kids, etc.

Hope to see you Thursday!

When: Thursday, May 11, 9:30 am
Where: Erin Presbyterian Church, 200 Lockett Rd. Knoxville 37919

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