Thursday, October 9, 2014

Take a BREAK: Mom's Night Out!

Who could use a Night Out? I sure could! And with Fall Break on the horizon, all I can see is "BREAK". Mom's need a break too and what better time to take one than on an evening when we've been with the kids all day! SO - without further adieu - how about we capitalize on tired, ready for bed kids (make it easier on the husbands) and grab some grub together (since we will have been chasing after kids all day at the farm and not getting to chitty chat)!

Who: Moms Everywhere! (that's you!, and that mom peeping over your shoulder - she's invited too)
What: Mom's Night Out
When: Tuesday, October 14th, 2014 at 6:30p
Where: Tupelo Honey on Market Square (BREAKfast served all day, and also alcohol)
Why: Do we really need a reason?

**Free Parking at Locust Street Garage after 6pm and just two blocks from restaurant
**If you'll RSVP, I'll plan to arrive a bit early to get on any Tuesday night waiting list.
**Feel free to stay in what you were wearing to the farm - I think the plaid/denim/boots looks is in this fall - simply grab a scarf and voila! you're dressed for the evening :)
**While bringing children is discouraged, I know some people (ahem, me!) who will have one in tow. Permissible, but discouraged. Use discretion and spouses to maximize your enjoyment factor!

See you there!

ps. If you haven't had their biscuits with blueberry preserves, you're truly missing out!

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