Monday, March 9, 2015

Assuming NO MORE SNOW, MOPS Thursday!

Hey there,
Remember us? We're your MOPS friends.  And as long as there isn't another wintery mix (or just forecasted snow in which Knox County is still canceled), we REALLY hope to return to MOPS this week, Thursday, March 12th at 9:30am.

Our marriage counselor speakers will be rescheduled for April or May, so we'll have some sort of craft, discussion questions, and yummy treats.  Oh, and before it warms up too much, this Thursday we'll have our annual gourmet hot chocolate meeting! A hot chocolate maker with all sorts of mix and topping options will be present at our meeting. Marshmallows, chocolate syrup, whip cream, oh my!

SO, put away those snow pants and come thaw out with us! We'll share stories of how we've been going stir crazy while we indulge in snacks (feel free to bring anything to share!) and hot chocolate.  (And if that doesn't entice you to MOPS, then just come for the company and time away from your kiddos.  Oh, and there might be some Spiderman tattoos for any little ones who need an extra nudge of encouragement to get out the door.)

See you this Thursday at 9:30 at Erin Presbyterian!

(and I am NOT going to include the inclement weather cancelation policy because I am crossing my fingers that we will NOT need it.)

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